Meet Andrew 

Andrew Neeley Erdner better known as “Andy" is 44 years old. He was diagnosed in the 1970’s with Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) a common diagnosis for kids with Autism back then. He is the youngest of four, one sister and two brothers.

He was born in Wheeling, WV and has lived in the Lowcountry since 2001.

Andy’s interest in photography started with his love of Ford cars, particularly Ford Tempos. Because Ford stopped making Tempos in 1994 Andy wanted to “take as many pictures of Tempos” as he could. He took dozens.

He then realized how much he enjoyed taking pictures, so he "wanted to go further “ and decided to take pictures of nature. Over the years he has taken hundreds of photos. His natural eye for photography enables him to include a three-dimensional look to his pictures, for instance, mountains in the background, blue skies, and trees in the foreground. His favorite photos include mountains, bridges, roads, water, particularly the beach, sky and winter scenes, and the rural countryside around WV and Ohio featuring barns, churches, and creeks. His favorite photos are those he took of Mt Evans in Colorado, Bass Lake in NC and the New River Bridge in WV.

His first camera was a Vivitar using 35mm film. When that camera broke, Andy started using disposable cameras and the results were still remarkable. His favorite was an Isle of Palm photo of the beach, sea grass and a sailboat beached in the midway. About 4 years ago he acquired his first digital camera, which Andy says changed his photography life. The ability to delete unwanted photos and to print those he really wanted to keep and the fact it was more economical for him enhanced his photo adventure. Andy would say that his photography makes him very proud and he quickly adds his talent is  “a gift from God”.  Andy’s photographs are not edited in anyway. He solely uses the camera to compose his pictures.

Andy also enjoyed running, however a bicycle accident in 1994 curtailed that sport for him. Before the accident he had completed four marathons, two in Columbus, Ohio, one in Pittsburgh, PA, one in Buffalo, NY. He also ran in the Boston marathon. In addition Andy ran four half-marathons.  Andy still enjoys running on the treadmill, usually two miles or so on a regular basis.

Andy lives in an apartment in Mt. Pleasant, holds several part time jobs doing janitorial work. He is active in his church and loves singing karaoke at local spots around town.

His next photo shoot will be back in WV when on vacation this year, in and around Beckley and Fayetteville, WV.


Andrew  has graciously donated some of his work to the Lowcountry Autism Foundation to be used on the website, in marketing materials and for fundraising efforts.  All of the landscape photography you see on our website is courtesy of Andrew.  
The Lowcountry Autism Foundation is very grateful to Andrew for honoring us with this donation!