LAF Families and LAF Friends

The purpose of LAF is to serve children, adults and families living with autism. Everyone may join LAF and become part of the LAF Family or a LAF Friend. There is no fee to become a LAF Family or a LAF Friend and all programs and autism support events are completely free to LAF Families.

LAF Family:

A LAF Family is any family that has a member or relative with autism that wants to join the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, Inc.

LAF Friend:

A LAF Friend is anyone with an interest in supporting the LAF mission by volunteering, providing financial assistance or providing any other support to LAF.

How Do We Become A LAF Family or LAF Friend?

Becoming a LAF Family or a LAF Friend is easy. Simply complete the LAF Family/Friend Interest Form and return it via mail or fax. After completing the interest form, Families will have access to all LAF programs and services. LAF Friends will join LAF and be included on email and mailing list to receive updates to LAF programs, activities and volunteer opportunities.

For more information, please contact LAF at;

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
Lowcountry Autism Foundation
135 Rutledge Ave
Charleston, SC 29403

(O) 843-876-0415
(F) 843-876-1518

Or email: