A Piece of Our Puzzle July 2016

Gabriel Landers

Parent: Katrina Landers

LAF Services Received: Art Therapy and Educational Support 

We are so grateful for all of the assistance that LAF has been able to provide for us. Gabriel was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age but throughout his adolescence he has struggled daily with social interactions. He has begun displaying characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome. Further complicating things, his father and I were divorced when he was six years old and he has internalized a lot of anger. LAF connected us with Alyssa Millard, an art therapist who works with children with special needs who have difficulty verbally expressing their feelings. Initially we were a part of a group therapy for several weeks. At the end of this program Alyssa took me aside and said that she felt she could do more with Gabriel and she had been able to get LAF to authorize additional therapy free of charge. The most amazing thing is that this additional therapy took place at our home. Throughout the additional 8 sessions that we had at home Gabriel was able to realize some root causes of his feelings. We were also able to work on a plan for behavior expectations at home and in school. While all of this was going on LAF also provided me with a representative to accompany me to school meetings. This person assisted with Gabriel’s 504 plan and school accommodations. LAF has been invaluable to the progress that Gabriel has made and I shudder to think where we would be if their services had not be available to us.”