A Piece of Our Puzzle April 2016

Gavin Bradley 

Parent: Natasha Bradley

LAF Services Received: In-Home Art Therapy 

The Lowcountry Autism Foundation introduced Gavin to Art Therapy with “Ms. Alyssa.” She was so sweet and Gavin took to her right away. She introduced him to different textures by using model magic, paint, glue, and drawing. She also was able to teach Gavin about different emotions and the proper response and facial expressions associated with them.

He really enjoyed working and playing with Alyssa and all of the art supplies. In the few short weeks that Gavin worked with Ms. Alyssa, I feel that Gavin made major improvements tolerating new textures, following a visual schedule and understanding emotions. Art Therapy was a great experience for Gavin-we are so thankful that LAF was able to provide it for him!
— Natasha Bradley, Mother, LAF Family