A Piece of Our Puzzle January 2016

Ivan Strickland

Parents: Dennis and Tammy Strickland

LAF Services Received: Family Support Services and Educational Support Program

The Lowcountry Autism Foundation is a group of people dedicated to helping children in need and providing support to parents when all other resources have been exhausted. They were the sun that shined bright in a world that had been dark for months.

My son Ivan has ADHD that is not easily controlled by medication, making it very hard to focus at school and learn at the same pace of the other students. He is extremely impulsive and finds it hard to build relationships with kids his age. We had been struggling to get the school district to offer services he needed to get a quality education. His dad and I were emotionally drained from the daily issues with his teachers and were disappointed that his IEP we requested was denied by the school district.

When his dad and I met initially with LAF, for the first time in a very long time, we had hope again. Susan Callahan from LAF felt confident she could help us get the services Ivan needed in school. Surprisingly, Ivan was comfortable discussing the difficulties he had been dealing with. His dad and I were in awe as we listened to him open up for the first time to anyone outside of the family. In a few short weeks, the LAF worked with the doctors at MUSC to motivate the school district to approve a 504 plan for Ivan and we were assured that if this was not enough, they would provide support for him to be approved for an IEP plan.

While the rest of the year was tough for Ivan, he at least had resources to rely upon so he could achieve passing grades to be promoted to the next grade. The LAF continues to stay in touch and help in any way they can. My family has been blessed by their services and we are truly grateful.
God Bless,
Tammy Strickland