Autism Diagnostic Assessment Program 

Studies have shown that parents of children with ASD notice a problem before their child’s first birthday.
— Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The LAF Autism Diagnostic Assessment Program utilizes a Multi–Disciplinary Autism Support Team made up of multiple clinical disciplines, working as a team, to conduct autism assessments and if warranted, to make a DSM V diagnosis of autism or autism spectrum disorders. The Team has been trained in administering the ADOS assessment tool at the Emory Autism Center, Emory University. LAF’s assessment process is a coordinated and collaborative effort with the Medical University of South Carolina. MUSC provides diagnostic assessments for children 3 years old and younger. 

LAF has the capability to assess children from 18 months and up, but based on optimizing limited resources and to provide the LAF service area with a full, all age, autism assessment capability, LAF will make children who are 4 years old or older the focus of the LAF Autism Diagnostic Assessment Program.

LAF is able to offer Autism Diagnostic Assessments free of charge to Beaufort County Residents because of the generous contribution from The Bargain Box of Hilton Head's 2016 grant program.  Please visit to learn more.  If you live in Beaufort County and are seeking an Autism evaluation, please click the button below to submit a request.